A little life update..

Work at the restaurant has been really good lately. People seem to like me, and I have been getting great feedback from the owner. It also serves as a distraction from the chaos that is my life. Tips haven’t been the greatest for as busy as we’ve been, but I’m still making over $120 a day. The paychecks have been a nice bonus, too. I think hunting season lasts through December, so we should be busy until then. I have over $2,500 saved for my new car so far. I honestly don’t even care what kind of car I get, as long as it’s reliable and will get me to work. I need a car soon, though. Like yesterday.

The hotel is more of the same. With it being hunting season, it’s been full every week. It usually takes me about 2 hours to clean all the rooms. My paycheck this week was $24 🤣

I haven’t subbed at the school in a few weeks. I heard that the majority of subbing will be in the Spring, though.

I miss my kids tremendously, but they seem to be doing great. Haylie has been missing a lot of classes, which will eventually get her kicked out of the program. She needs to get it together. Kendall is thriving. She went to her friend’s homecoming a few weeks ago. She’s in charge of the multimedia club at Craft and has applied at quite a few colleges. She’s also been going to the gym a few days a week.

Donald and I had a really uncomfortable talk the other day. I’m extremely unhappy. We have nothing in common. We don’t talk. We don’t do anything together. He sits at his desk for 10+ hours a day. We’re not on the same page when it comes to parenting, either. I told him it felt like we were just roommates who slept in the same bed. When he was gone for work last time, he said he was going to come home and get rid of all of his gaming stuff and use his office for work only. That lasted about 2 days. He was playing games by Tuesday. I told him it wouldn’t last because nothing he says he’s going to do does.

I told him I want to go home for Thanksgiving. By myself. I need to spend some time away. I need some time with my mom and my kids. I need to get my head right. I have so many things going on in my head. I think some time with my family will help. I just need my mom. She is my rock and can help me get through whatever it is that I’m going through. Or at least tell me what I need to hear. I need to make it happen. I checked flights. They’re not terrible. I can go for 5 days for $500. It would be cheaper than driving. I think I will.

Life is messy. It rarely ever goes as planned. And sometimes, that’s ok. It is what it is, and it’ll be what it’ll be. We just gotta keep going ❤️

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