Oh hi..

So…. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged,. Almost a year, wow! To be honest, I haven’t really been in the best place mentally. I’ve had my meds switched, added some new meds, and just been trying to decompress after a rough couple months.. So much has happened since I last blogged. We got married (twice.. lol), I got a teaching job (yay me!!), kids moved in and kids moved out, and we went to New York, Florida, and South Dakota. It’s been a whirlwind.

First thing’s first. We ended up getting married “officially” on May 21st. It was a super small ceremony. Only my parents, my aunt and uncle, and our kids were there. It was sweet. We got married in the church that my parents used to go to when they first moved to Kentucky.

Our “official” wedding

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. I kept going back and forth between the idea of having a big wedding and just going to the courthouse. Then, we were just going to go to the state park here in town and get married in a gazebo. Turns out… there are no gazebos out there, so we nixed that idea. Back to having a big wedding. No, let’s just go to the courthouse. No, let’s have a big wedding. I went back and forth for so long. It was mentally draining. I thought wedding planning was supposed to be fun?!

Actually.. ya know what? Let’s do both!! So, that’s what we did. We planned a super small, micro-wedding for May 21st, and then had our BIG wedding October 17th. And I was right.. wedding planning is so. much. fun!! I had a blast planning my big wedding. I had it all planned within about a month. We toured one venue and I fell in love with it. Booked it on the spot. It was so dreamy.

Inside the beautiful venue

The next few months felt like they took foreverrrr.. I was so excited for the wedding!! Not only for my dream wedding, but honestly.. so many of our friends were making the trip. I could NOT wait!! We have met so many amazing people through streaming and we were finally going to meet them IRL!!

October FINALLY rolled around!! It was time!! I had my dress, my shoes, my jewelry, my veil, the decorations, tablecloths, everything! I was ready!! We had our bachelor/bachelorette parties on Friday, and had our rehearsal dinner Saturday. Sunday was here!! I honestly don’t remember much of the day (it went by so fast), but what I do remember, it was perfect. It was everything that we wanted/needed. Our family and friends were celebrating with us!!

Mr & Mrs Alger
With my stepdad, mom, stepmom, and dad
5 out of our 6 kids
Some of our favorite people

And then it was over.. But such a great weekend!! October 15th-17th will forever be some of my favorite days!!

I’ll have to tell you about my new job, the kids, and our trips in the next post, I gotta get to bed!! 5am comes early!!

What have you been up to the past 9 months?

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