New Year

Happy New Year!!

Most people are happy to see 2020 go, and are wishing the best for 2021.

But, how different is this year going to be?

Are we ever going to go back to normal? I’m not sure what the answer is to that. Is this the new “normal“? Are we going to have to wear masks for the rest of our lives? Are we going to be quarantined forever? Are we going to be able to go back to work? Will our kids ever go back to school? How many new strains of Covid are they going to find this year? Are we ever going to be able to go to football games and concerts again? Are we ever going to be able to see our loved ones that are in nursing homes?

There are so many questions… Questions that no one has the answer to.

I think back on this year, and I was really trying to make a positive post about how the year wasn’t that bad, but. in all reality, it was. We were lucky. No one in our immediate family or any of our friends got sick with Covid. We didn’t lose anyone. But a lot of people did.

I think everyone’s mental health suffered this year. Mine did. Big time. I keep seeing these posts on Facebook asking people to show a picture of when they were 100% happy this year, when nothing else mattered except for that moment. I sat and thought about it, and I can honestly say that there wasn’t one time this year where I was 100% happy. I’m not exactly sure why this year was so rough on people’s mental health. Was it Covid? Was it being unemployed? Was it being quarantined? Was it having to be a parent 24/7? I don’t know. My life didn’t change much when Covid happened (I never left the house much anyway), so I’m not really sure why my year was so rough. But it was. I have struggled more this year than any other year.

Regardless of all of that, I have a lot of hopes for the new year. I want to write more. I want my Etsy shop to succeed. I want our stream to grow. I want to get my CPT certificate and gain more clients for personal training. I want to exercise more. I want to eat better. I want to lose some weight. I want to find a job. I want to be a better mother. I want to be a better daughter. I want to be a better friend. I want to be a better girlfriend. I want to get my mental health under control, or at least try.

Whether this year was crap or not, we are here. Day 1 of 365. We have 365 chances to make this year great!! I know that I am going to try my best to make it just that. We have to find a way to find the good in situations, instead of focusing on the bad. We only have one life. Why should it be miserable?

So, I want to know.. What was your best part of 2020?

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