Sorry I’ve been MIA recently. Honestly, I haven’t been good mentally, and just needed some time away to do absolutely nothing. Not that I ever do nothing, but I tried.

So, last week, Donald was working in Cincinnati, OH, which is only two hours away from home, and also happens to be the place we met for the very first time in April of 2019. *Side note* We had plans to go back there in April of this year, for the anniversary of when we met, but Covid happened, and we weren’t able to. So, fast forward a few months, and he gets assigned a job there!!

He went up on Monday, because he had to work, and I went up on Wednesday. We stayed at the same hotel, in the same room. Everything looked exactly the same as it did the last time we were here.

That first weekend, back in April 2019, we were supposed to meet at like 5:00pm on Friday, but when I got about a block away from the hotel, I got stuck behind a train for what seemed like forever. There was literally nowhere for me to go. I tried every which way to get past that train, but every road was blocked. So, we decided to just meet at Dave & Busters, and we would just go from there. I found an open road and finally made it. I was so nervous.

*Another side note* Last time we were here, on that first night, we went to Dave & Busters, and then walked to Waffle House at like 3:00am. We went to a terrible Japanese restaurant, the mall, and bowling the second night. And we ended our weekend with breakfast at Bob Evan’s that Sunday morning, before we both went our separate ways.

We wanted to do as much of the same things as we did that first time, but we kind of did them in a different order.

I met Donald at the hotel Wednesday, when he got off of work, and we got ready to go. We decided to go to the Japanese restaurant first.

We actually ended up sitting in the same booth that we sat in last time, which made it that much better.

Last time we were here, the food was pretty terrible, so we decided to try Sushi instead of food from the Hibachi menu. Three out of the four rolls that we got were actually really good.

We also got this appetizer called Crab Cracker that was freaking amazing. It was basically a jalapeno popper, with crab meat added inside, and then tempura fried. I would go back there, just for that.

After dinner, we went to Dave & Busters, where it all began…

We had a lot of fun. Wednesdays are half off games, so we ended up spending around $25 and played a gajillion and a half games, and some pool. We ended with, I think, 1,900 tickets, so we “bought” some cheap little toy, a rubber bracelet, some gummy bears, and some cups for the girls.

The next evening, we went bowling. We played three games.. Donald won the first two, and I won the third. I think he was over it after the second one (plus, his finger was hurting).

And, of course, we had to go to Waffle House for dinner. It was raining, so we didn’t walk this time. The booth that we sat in last time was blocked off because of Covid, so we sat in the one behind it. Close enough, I guess.

We didn’t end up going to Bob Evan’s because 1) we just went there with the girls, and 2) Donald was at work, and I was getting an oil change in my mom’s car.

However, Donald met me at the dealership when he got off of work, and we ended up finding an authentic Japanese restaurant right down the road. There were only four people in the entire restaurant that wasn’t Japanese. There was a table behind us that had two American men and two Japanese men, and one of the Japanese men was translating what the Americans were saying to the other Japanese man. It was interesting to listen to. Everyone else that came in to eat there was Japanese. The menu was also in Japanese, so we didn’t really know what we were ordering; we just kind of guessed.

I could literally eat Sushi every day.

The Sushi that we got was okay. It wasn’t the best, but we’ve had a lot worse.

After lunch, we headed home. I didn’t mind the drive this time, because I absolutely love the trees during Fall in Kentucky. It’s absolutely beautiful!!

It was a much needed, mini-getaway, that allowed us to reminisce on the past, and look forward to the future. I’m already looking forward to going again next year!!

Do you have a place that you visit yearly?

What’s your favorite vacation you’ve ever been on?

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