Farmhouse Tray..

Surprise, surprise… Guess what I did? Finished another project. So, naturally, I am going to another DIY post.

My mom and I were looking through my pictures the other day, because I was showing her a bunch of ideas I had of things to make for my house. She stopped me on one picture and said, “Can you make me that??” I was like, yeah, of course. I don’t think she expected me to actually make it.. But, here we are!!

This was actually extremely simple to make, and it only cost me $5,00. My mom gave me a board the other day, and it just so happened to be perfect for what I needed. The only thing I had to buy for this was the drawer pulls. They were like $2.50 each or something. I had the stain and polycrylic already, so this was super easy and inexpensive.

My landlord owns a cabinet shop (which happens to be on our property), so he’s always willing to help us with any cuts we need, so he cut the board for me.

Next, I stained the pieces with stain that I already had from a previous project.

I gave it two layers of stain. It was kind of chilly last night, so the stain was drying really slow. I brought it inside after the sun went down and let it dry overnight.

After it was fully dry, I used extremely fine grit sandpaper and lightly sanded over the stain. I do this to remove any bubbles that may have formed during the staining, and also to even out the color if there are any discrepancies.

Like I said, I had some polycrylic from a previous project, so I used that to seal the stain.

Now for the fun.. putting it together. Donald and I discussed options for how to put it together, and decided that using a Brad Nailer would probably be the most efficient way. Our landlord let us borrow his. He even helped some!

Now to attach the hardware. You can go to any hardware store and get drawer pulls. I had picked these out for a project I was going to do (but ended up going a different route) and decided they would be perfect for this.

Repeat the step on the other side.. and Ta-Da.. You’re finished!!

I’m actually so thrilled with how this turned out. I may even make one for myself!!

Woodworking reminds me so much of my uncle that passed away. He was a master carpenter. I used to sit with him in his shop for hours and just watch him in awe. I so wish he was around to build projects with me!! I know he’s watching me, though. I hope he would be proud.


  1. We really lucked out when we found this place. We have free rein to to do whatever we want to the house, and he even gave us a key to his boat. He is the best landlord I have ever had. He is just amazing. My parents sold their house and the house they ended up buying is right next door to him. They all sit around the fire almost every night. Donald went fishing with him last night. But yes.. his cabinet shop is like heaven to me!! He has everything you could ever imagine in there!!


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