Workspace, Game Room, or Both..

I read somewhere that readers like to get an inside look at your workspace. So, I figured what the heck? I’ll show you guys the area that I spend the most time in.

Even though this space isn’t your “conventional” workspace, it’s actually one of my most favorite rooms in our house.

The game room/office area is multi-purpose. I use my desk for my writing, but I also use it to game at. We have changed our gaming setup quite a few times over the past year. We’re still not finished, but we’re getting there. It’s definitely a work-in-progress. Slowly, but surely.

Since we share the game room, half of the room is painted blue and has all of his game-related “things”, and my half is painted pink, with all of my “things”. I painted the wall that meets in the middle with different shades of pink and blue, as kind of a transition wall that connects the two areas.

My side of the room isn’t too exciting; I have a few Call of Duty posters, a Breakfast Club poster (best movie ever, btw), a pink Breast Cancer Terrible Towel (go Steelers), and some pictures. Pink is ((obviously)) my favorite color, so most of the decor on my side is pink.

Donald’s side is blue, like I said above. His favorite color is green, but since so many streamers use green as their “color”, he chose to go a different route. He has more posters and wall hangings on his side, as he is into way more than I am. He loves Assassin’s Creed ((and Thor)).

We each have L-shaped desks, with multiple monitors on them, which are mostly used for our streaming and gameplay.

Since we’re already looking at our game room, I might as well use it as an opportunity to showcase our “gadgets”. I am attaching links to all of the products, as well.

I use the Yeti Blue Nano microphone.

Donald uses the Yeti Blackout microphone.

We both use these Yotto Microphone Stands that we found on Amazon.

For our webcams, we use the Logitech C615 1080p cameras.

We got these cool metal arms that attach to our desks to hold our cameras. They are very pliable, letting you position them anywhere you need to.

We also both have an Elgato HD60 capture card that is connected to each of our Xboxes. This allows us to co-stream, by running both video sources to one shared PC.

Next, we have our ring lights. I love the way these lights add to the stream. The ones that we bought have three different “mood” settings, and eleven(!!!) different brightness settings. They’re amazing!

We’re sponsored by GT Racing, so naturally we have GT Racing gaming chairs.

We’re also sponsored by Razer, so of course we have the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition headsets.

Like I said, this room is one of my favorites, and the room we spend the most time in. It’s unique to each of us, but flows so well together.

If you haven’t checked out our stream yet, you totally should. We stream almost every night around 6:00pmEST. Times vary when Donald is traveling out of town for work, but we try our best to stick to our schedule.

Do you have a designated work area?

What’s your favorite room in your house?

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