Lady Dr Time

Lady Dr. appt today. Hate these. Pretty sure all women can relate.. it’s just uncomfortable. Anyway.. I’m sitting in the waiting room. Literally everyone is pregnant. Quarantine, man. It’s gonna be the next baby boom. Just wait.

I’m such an introvert. I hate seeing people I know. I’m so glad I have this mask on. No one will recognize me.

My turn. Time to change into the oh-so-lovely pink paper gown. My SO happened to FaceTime me while I’m waiting in the room. He laughed at my attire and told me to ask my doctor if I could bring it home.. My doctor is seriously the greatest. She’s always so nice, and even though it’s a year in between visits, she remembers me and what’s going on in my life. I’ll probably never go to another doctor, even if I move out of state. I’ll fly back here, just to see her. However, it’s always super awkward making conversation while she’s doing the exam. Better than sitting there in complete silence, I guess. She sends me on my way, and says she’ll see me in a year. I hope that’s the case. The last few years I’ve had some abnormal paps. They keep finding pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. It’s always the same thing: they scrape the cells off, and tell me they shouldn’t come back. But lo and behold, they always come back. I’m just thankful that they are never anything more than pre-cancerous. I have HPV, I’ve had it for many many many years, so it always worries me, because HPV can cause Ovarian cancer. So, for a few years now, I’ve had to get paps every 6 months. It’s like every other one is abnormal. Fingers crossed that this one is normal. I’ll find out in about a week.

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