So. Many. Jobs..

Well.. I found a job. Or three, actually.

So.. The school here didn’t have any openings when we got here, so I opted to sign up to sub. Which is, honestly, probably for the best, since I don’t actually know if I want to continue to pursue teaching or go a different route.

Donald and I went out to the restaurant one day to eat lunch and he ran into his old teacher. She’s now the owner of the restaurant. He asked her if they were hiring and she said yes! I’ve done so much waitressing, so it seemed perfect.

Donald’s sister is a housekeeper at the motel here in town, so we stopped by one day and asked if they were hiring. They were. So, I got hired there, too. But.. I’m only working one day a week out there, because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself.

I work Tuesdays at the motel, Wednesday through Friday, 8-5, at the restaurant, and sub when I can on Mondays.

So far, I’m liking all of my jobs. The restaurant was a little overwhelming at first. They expect so much of you. You are essentially a cashier, a waitress, a stocker, and a bartender all in one. And you’re the only one there. When all 12 tables are full and you’re trying to take orders, take payments, bring out food, get beers, and ring up gas all at the same time, it’s a bit much. Occasionally, I’ll have someone running the register, but it’s few and far between.

Today was a rough day. We were super slow all day until about 3:30. A group of 8 guys came in and went straight to the bar. I assume they were hunters; hunting season opens tomorrow and all the hunters are getting into town tonight. Anyway.. the guys were super obnoxious. I told them that the bar didn’t technically open until 5, and that I wasn’t a bartender, but I could get them beer. They immediately started giving me a hard time. They were asking why I wasn’t a bartender and why I didn’t just learn. When they asked for a certain mixed drink, I told them I didn’t know how to make it, one of the guys walked behind the bar and asked if I wanted him to help me. Apparently my face said no, because he immediately walked away. They gave me a hard time because I actually measured out the shots and wouldn’t give them extra. It was just frustrating. Especially because I told them ahead of time that I wasn’t a bartender. Tomorrow is expected to be busier, so I think I’m going to tell them JUST beer before 5:00.

I’ve made really great tips so far at the restaurant, though. I’m saving up for a vehicle, since I sold mine before we left Kentucky. Donald is leaving for two weeks on Sunday, so I’m going to have a nice down payment saved up by the time he gets home. My goal is to have a new car by November 1st.

Work at the motel is pretty good, too. I was a housekeeper at Innisbrook, in Palm Harbor, FL, when I was 18, so I have some experience. The owner of the motel texts me in the mornings on Tuesdays and tells me which rooms are a clean, and which are a run-through. I think the most rooms I’ve had to clean in a day was 5. There are usually a few rooms to clean and a few to run-through. I’ve never been there longer than 2 hours. This week, I had one room to clean and then I had to go through the rest of the rooms and vacuum up the dead flies 😂. It was a super easy day.

Subbing has been okay. I’ve subbed a few days for 7th & 8th grade, and one day for High School. I haven’t subbed in the elementary school yet. The class sizes are small. There are only 2 teachers for each grade level, so you end up having the same group of kids multiple (3-4) times a day. I was extremely nervous the first day, but I feel more comfortable now. I still don’t know if teaching is for me.

Three jobs keeps me busy, but I, honestly, need it for my mental health. As much as I would love to be a stay-at-home wife, it’s not mentally healthy for me. I NEED something to do. Sitting in solitude with just my thoughts is not good for me.

All-in-all, I’m pretty happy lately. Donald says it’s because I’m around adults and am having adult conversations daily now. He said he thinks I was more social before he came along, and he’s right. I was always out and about, talking to people. So, it’s been nice.

I’m still liking living in this small town!!

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