Shew. It’s been a hectic two months since we moved. I honestly can’t even remember most of it. My memory is so foggy lately. I think it’s due to anxiety and stress, honestly.

We got everything unpacked and got the house put together. I’ve ordered so much stuff online, the delivery guy even knows my cat’s name 😂

But really. I’m super happy with how our little house is turning out. I love it. I still have a few things to get for Donald’s office, but for the most part, the house is done.

Living room
Living room
Dining room

We were told there were 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Turns out there are 5 bedrooms and an extra bathroom!! So, we turned the two bedrooms downstairs into our offices.

My youngest was having a really tough time at college and didn’t think she was going to make it. So, I moved my office into the basement and ordered some bedroom furniture. I was planning on driving to Kentucky that next weekend to pick her up.

She told me a few days later that she thinks she’s going to be okay and wanted to stay. I agreed that, that was the best decision. At least give it a chance.

But now what? I have all of this furniture coming. I can’t move my office back upstairs. The basement isn’t completely finished, so I can’t make it into a bedroom. Guess we’re going to have a guest room!! I’ve always wanted a guest room anyway. However, there is only a twin bed in there, so guest space is limited. Taking the wallpaper down is my next project.

Guest room

I’m really liking the town, too. Everyone here is very welcoming and friendly. At least to my face. I’ve been warned that people will be nice to your face and turn around and talk bad about you behind your back. I honestly feel like I’ve been here for longer than two months, though. People don’t treat me like “the new kid”. It’s nice.

The only downside to living in a small town… you have to drive forever to get anywhere. The nearest town is Pierre, which is an hour away. We do our grocery shopping there, at Walmart. There is a grocery store here in town, but it’s extremely expensive. Hobby Lobby is also in Pierre 😍. But…. THEY JUST OPENED A DOLLAR GENERAL HERE!! You don’t know how excited I am. I’ve been in there, I don’t know how many times already. I’ve bought all of their canvases 🥴.

It’s starting to get colder, too. It was 26° the other morning. There are no trees or mountains to block the wind, either. I think it was gusting at 50mph today. I was afraid the canopy at the gas station was going to fall.

I can’t wait for my family to come visit. The girls will be on Christmas break in December, so they will be here for a few weeks. My parents said they’ll be here when it’s not cold; so, probably June. My mom said my stepdad is more excited to come than she is.

I do miss my kids (A LOT) and my mom, but so far, I’m loving life in this town of 800 people. It’s a huge change, but I think I’m adjusting well.

Home, sweet home

Have you ever made any life-altering changes?

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