Sunday comes from Old English “Sunnandæg,” which is derived from a Germanic interpretation of the Latin dies solis, “sun’s day.”

Sunday is named for the ball of gas that lights our days. And, if you look far enough into the day’s origin story, you’ll discover it also involves a chariot-riding goddess who pulls that ball of gas across the sky.

Sunday is also a day of rest. It’s the first day of the week. It’s a day to recoup from the weekend and plan your upcoming week.

I asked Facebook what Sunday meant to them and how they prepare for their week. This is what they said::

“It use to mean getting up and getting ready for church, come home and eat, take a nap, then get house, clean, and do laundry. Since C-19 hit, I’ve only been a few times. I’m old, and lazy on the weekends. I really don’t want to do anything!!😏”

“Sunday means hanging with my awesome guy. Prayers for upcoming week to be peaceful.”

“Workout, church, work @ noon, & home cooked meal! Sunday is my Monday – I still like to ‘prepare’ for the week by doing a devotional, maybe a little meal prep and write my goals in a planner for the week.”

Honestly, Sunday is my day to do the bare minimum. I clean the house and get things ready for the week, but for the most part, I don’t do much. Donald is usually leaving for work on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, so I try to spend some time with him.

Some people deal with the “Sunday Scaries”. The Sunday Scaries (or Sunday blues, as they’re sometimes called) are feelings of anxiety or dread that happen the day before heading back to work. According to a LinkedIn survey, 80 percent of professionals say they experience the Sunday Scaries, with over 90 percent of Millennials and Gen Z reporting they feel it. I dealt with them when I taught last year. I dreaded going to work, so I get it. But.. then I changed my mindset. At least I had a job to go to. I decided to try to find something positive in every day. Even if I could only find one thing, at least it was something.

What does Sunday mean to you?

How do you prepare for the week?

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