Remember When..

Remember when…

  • curfew was the streetlights
  • bottled water was the hose
  • Saturday mornings were for watching cartoons
  • We rode our bikes literally all day long
  • We ate lunch wherever we could
  • Boys AND girls actually played together
  • school clothes and Christmas presents got put on layaway every year
  • you ate what was made for dinner, or you didn’t eat
  • going out to eat was a treat
  • “fast food” was leftovers
  • we ate wax bottles and candy cigarettes after walking to the gas station with our $1
  • we had to change out of our school clothes as soon as we got home from school and put on our play clothes
  • homework was the first thing you did when you got home from school
  • school wasn’t optional
  • you took care of yourself until your parents got home or you went to the neighbor’s house
  • we ate dinner as a family at the table
  • getting grounded was the worst thing ever and having to stay inside was pure torture
  • kids respected their elders and didn’t dare talk back unless they wanted to catch a beating
  • we memorized everyone’s phone numbers
  • there were no cell phones
  • there were no video games
  • we played outside every day until dark
  • we straightened up real quick when we got “the look”
  • we weren’t afraid of anything
  • we wrote handwritten notes instead of texts, and sent letters to family out of state
  • someone was always on the house phone
  • name brands weren’t a thing
  • we played red rover, jump rope, hopscotch, blew bubbles, and flew kites
  • we had sleepovers every weekend
  • our friends came to our birthday parties
  • we actually knew our neighbors
  • we played in the rain and swam in puddles

Remember when we were kids ❤

What’s your most favorite memory from when you were a kid?

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