It literally amazes me that, in 2020, there are still people who suffer from racism. People who choose to be racist. I will never understand. How is racism still a “thing”??

I saw a this shirt today, and I was like YESSS!!!! Why can’t all people just be like this???

It’s so true. Literally every life matters. African American lives. Caucasian lives. Hispanic lives. Asian lives. Men’s lives. Women’s lives. Children’s lives. Straight lives. Gay lives. Every. Single. Life.

Racism is taught. If parents aren’t actively teaching their kids not to be racist, they will be. There are so many things wrong with the world; racism should not be one. When I hear people use the excuse “my parents are racist”, it makes me cringe. What? How does that logic make sense? My parents used to have a donkey. Does that mean I automatically have to have a donkey? No. I don’t want a donkey. I am my own person. I make my own decisions.

I have so many friends that are in interracial relationships, and the amount of hate and the looks they receive, when they go anywhere, is astonishing. I assume it’s because I am in Kentucky, and a lot of things are still backwards here. It’s not an excuse, though. So, because someone has a different skin color than you, that makes them less-than? No. It definitely does not. We are all equal. No one is better than anyone because of their skin color. You all know how I feel about that anyway. We’re all equal. No one is better than anyone, no matter what.

Nowadays, people are so quick to judge everyone. Someone dresses nice, they’re “rich”. Someone listens to grunge music, they’re “emo”. Someone wears revealing clothes, they must be a “slut”. Someone is Asian, they must be “good at math”. Someone has a lot of cash, they must be a “drug dealer”. Someone drives a truck, they must be a “redneck”. Someone is Indian, they must be “going to school to be a Doctor”. Someone has five kids, they must be “getting Government assistance”. Someone is black, they’re a “criminal”.

According to The Australian Human Rights Commission, “When we feel angry or frustrated, we often look for someone else to blame for our problems. As a community, we can do the same thing. People who look or talk differently to us are an easy target. You can hear it happening today in comments like, “those people take our jobs” or “they get government handouts all the time”. Nearly all the time, these statements are wrong.” I couldn’t agree more. Everything is always someone else’s fault. More times than not, that person is “different”.

Honestly, there is no excuse for racism. My dad was very racist when I was growing up. I am not sure if he still is; we don’t talk about it. But he once told me that if I ever dated an African American, he would disown me. My own dad told me that. I was terrified. I proactively avoided that situation. Then I grew up. But his words will forever stay with me. I would never tell my children that. As long as they’re happy, and their partners treat them good, that’s what matters.

If you suffer from racism, or choose to racist, I highly suggest you expand your friends list, to include people from every walk of life. Get to know someone from a different background. Get to know someone with a different sexual orientation than you. Get to know someone with a different skin color than you. Really get to know them. Understand them. Understand their struggles.

Stop judging people. Stop blaming people. End racism.

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  1. The problem is, as humans we are only regarded as a statistic. This is so we can fit into categories to better explain our behaviours and actions. That is why there is so much societal discource in the first place. It is all part of a marketing scheme which only generalises stereotyping. They do so, to form a collective of specific human behaviours based on the very things you have listed and much more, and in doing so form a simplified understanding of what we will essentially buy or buy into. Which is understood as demographics. Just how algorithms work tirelessly to target an advertisement through your phone based on your likes and media behaviour. It’s all part of a bigger media controlled narrative. I agree with you 100 percent, everyone is different and that’s what makes us as human beings so unique. Peace and love ✌️

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