Train Wreck Updates

So.. I’ve always wanted to start a blog, (Heck, I made this account back in 2016), but I’ve never gotten around to actually doing it. Scrolling through my social media every day has me feeling some type of way, and I just wanted a place where I could say what’s on my mind, and I mean ACTUALLY say what’s on my mind, without censoring myself. So, here we are. You’ve basically wandered into the train-wreck that I like to call my life.

I’m not a fashionista; I live in t-shirts. I’m not a make-up guru; I suck at being a girl. I’m not a politician; I don’t follow it, and I don’t vote. I’m just hoping that I can resonate with people, on a different level. I have been through more in 35 years, than most people will go through in their entire lives. I have been to Hell and back, and made it out alive.. I’m back to ME, but better than ever!!