Date Night..

It’s been a while since we’ve had a date night. We have been so busy, we haven’t had a chance. We decided it was time to go!! I have this plastic tube filled with “date night ideas”, so we went through them and found a few that we were able to do in our area.

We emptied the tube and read all of them.

We found one that told us to go to the casino and play for an hour and then eat at the casino’s nicest restaurant.

Casino it is!! There is a casino about an hour from us, so that’s where we decided to go!! We got ready and headed out the door. I had no clue what people wear to casinos. I was going to wear a dress, but decided on a romper instead.

I was DEFINITELY way overdressed. There were people walking in with sweatpants on… I was instantly uncomfortable. But whatever.. We were there to have a good time, so that’s what we were going to do. We decided on $100 each to gamble with. When we got to the door, I realized that I had forgotten my ID in the truck, so Donald had to run back out and grab it.

There were so many people inside. It’s probably a good thing I took my meds before we left, instead of waiting until we got home. I’m not sure I could’ve made it through the night. We got our Player’s Club cards and headed to the slots!

We played about 3 slots and then decided to go check out the restaurant. We got up to the hostess and she informed us there was over an hour wait. We looked inside and saw almost everyone still waiting on their food, so we decided against putting our names on the wait-list. We ended up playing 2 or 3 more games after that. We spent most of our time at the Keno machines, which is Donald’s favorite. I won a bit, but then spent it all. I think we spent about $60 each out of our allotted $100.

After about 2 hours, we decided we were pretty hungry, so we left to go find some food. There was a Hibachi place, called Taste of Asia, about 14 minutes from where we were. There is one closer to our town that we usually go to, but figured why not try this one?!

Since the casino messed up Donald’s drink, neither one of us had had anything to drink, so I ordered a Flaming Volcano.

Sushi is our go-to when we go to Hibachi, so tonight was no different!

We got the Crazy roll, the Teay’s Valley roll, the Angry Dragon roll, and the Godzilla roll. The Teay’s Valley roll won!! So good!!

It was kind of late when we finished eating, so the only thing open were bars, and we weren’t really feeling the bar scene, so we just decided to go home.

It was a fun change of pace for a date night. It’s not something we have ever done together before, so that was nice. All-in-all, it was a good night!!

What’s your favorite thing to do for date night?

Do you enjoy going to the casino?

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