I’m getting married..

Y’all.. February 15th, I got engaged!!

This past month and a half has been a whirlwind!! I have been in full-blown planning mode since the day after it happened!! I’m not sure what I expected, but it hasn’t taken me any time at all to plan this whole thing out. I am basically finished.

We have our venue, I found my dress at my very first appointment, we got his suit, the flowers are ordered, the photographer is booked, our Save the Dates are sent, the cake is ordered, my HMUA are booked, the down payment on the photo booth is paid, all the table decorations are in (and taking up so much space in our living room), the bartender is paid for, and the favors are in!!

I still need to confirm the caterer, buy the cupcakes, and send out invitations, but other than that, everything is finished. October can’t get here soon enough. I am ready to do the dang thing!!

However, It wasn’t all so easy to plan, though. I have changed my mind I could not tell you how many times. I have gone back and forth between wanting a wedding and not wanting a wedding. I have changed my mind on dates for our wedding and where it would be. I did not want to get married in front of everyone (my anxiety.. ahh); I just wanted to go to the courthouse. Then it turned into just a small ceremony with our families, but his parents and his kids couldn’t be there.

So, now we’re having two ceremonies. We are getting married, May 21, in a small church in front of my parents and then October 17, we are having the big ceremony when everyone can be there. I’m still nervous, anxious, and iffy about it, but I think it will end up being okay. I’m definitely going to have to take my anxiety meds beforehand, or else I feel like I may have a full-blown panic attack.

My advice for anyone that is newly engaged: step #1 is enjoy the moment, step #2 is budget, step #3 is venue. Everything else after that will fall into place. Budget and venue are the most important things.

Pinterest has been a life-saver. There are so many ideas on there. Make boards!! And then make more boards!! Write down everything that you may want, and then go through and decide what you can live without.

I’m not sure why I hear so many horror stories about wedding planning.. this has been a blast for me!! So much so, that I think I should become a wedding planner.. LOL!! But really, planning this has been so fun for me. I would love to help other brides-to-be plan their dream wedding. Donald said that it would be terrible for me because of how stressed I have been, but I think it’s a little different when it’s your own wedding that you are planning. I think being a wedding planner would be fun. I guess we will have to see how smooth the actual wedding goes, and not just the planning. But so far, I’m loving this whole process!!

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